Juice Foundation and Whole Foods 5% Day

The nation’s natural and organic food giant, Whole Foods presents 5% day, and partners with The NBA’s 2010 Community Assist Award Winner, Juwan Howard and his wife, Jenine Howard of The Juice Foundation. The 5% day features celebrity baggers Juwan Howard and his Miami HEAT teammates; hoops with The Miami HEAT mascot (Burnie) as well as great prizes and giveaways. 5% of Whole Foods total sales on April 7, 2011 will benefit the Juice Foundation. “I’m really excited about 5% day at Whole Foods! It’s just a natural partnership for our foundation. Both Whole Foods and The Juice Foundation epitomize similar nutritious beliefs. Our hope is that through Juice events and forums, numerous individuals will understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, because being nutritious and active can improve cancer survival as well as be a preventative for so many diseases, including cancer.” –Jenine Howard

The Juice Foundation pinpoints a healthy lifestyle as the essential key to the preventative effect of cancer and improving cancer survival. The JUICE Foundation strives to make a difference in the lives of ALL individuals affected by cancer. Since 1980, we’ve pride ourselves on selling the highest quality natural and organic products for food. We’ve appreciated and celebrated the difference that natural and organic products can make in the quality of one’s life. We’ve defined quality by evaluating the ingredients, freshness, safety, taste, nutritive value and appearance of all of the products that we carry.


The industry’s-leading premium smoothie and Juice franchisor, Robeks presents Juicing Awareness Day. Robeks is partnering with The NBA's 2010 Community Assist Award Winner, Juwan Howard and his wife. Jenine Howard of The Juice Foundation. The Juicing Awareness Day features...

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Miami Heat forward Juwan Howard is betting on talent and teamwork to lead him to a championship.But he is also betting on teamwork to find a cure for cancer. In January, Howard found out that his longtime childhood friend, Lamont Carter, 38 — whom he calls his brother…

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Ask the doctor

Dr. Etti, a.k.a. the Juice Goddess, is South Florida’s most admired detox doctor for feeding bodies with juice and minds with enlightenment. She has been juicing Miami to better health through her body cleanse program, Sexi Juicing, for seven years...

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